Tuesday, April 1, 2014

...8...9..10 YOU'RE OUT !

Jab. Jab. Uppercut.

Bob and weave.

slip left slip right.

Hah, I got you where I want you now.. left h...


unexpected straight right. plan failed.

lights out.

Every sparring session I have a game plan, thinking and predicting what's my opponent's next move going to be. When the plan works, and you land every punch, its human nature for your ego to get to your head

" I'm better than this dude.look I'm toying with him"

Your confidence starts to make you lazy, your hands will drop, you are not as alert as you were in the beginning. you start to make careless mistakes. 


A straight right gets you in the face, or a left hook that makes you stagger.

Only then you will guard up, you will start to rethink your mistakes, more alert of your environment. You begin to fight with respect; respect the strength of your opponent and not to undermine him.

Throughout life, we also have our own game plan on how we're going to do things in life, let it be our education, family planning and ehem. DnT. As we proceed with the plan there are sometimes diversion or obstacles that forces us to improvise the game plan. we might not like it.

But things happen for a reason.

getting knocked down is normal, what matters is what you do when you get up
Maybe we're getting to comfortable with ourselves. We let our guard down against shaitan. We start to feel so self-involved that the A's that we get or the liqa's that we guide ( any suggestion for a more accurate term??)  are out of our own effort and we forgot Allah's involvement in the process. 

So Allah sends down one of His 'left hooks' or 'uppercuts' to set us back on track and make us tajdid  our niah. Only when we get hit, we will realize our mistakes and make taubah.

Allah in His own Merciful way, send us blows to make sure we don't get to involve in Duniya to an extent we are blinded from our purposes in life (Abid and Khalifah). 

And if you think about it the more hits we take the more persistent and stronger we will become. 

Just like He did with the prophets ( may peace be upon them). 

"They learn with every test that Allah sent upon them "

sape kata budak2 liqa lembik :P
 So every time you are knocked down listen for the ..3...4...5 and get up!
kid says: you're gonna get up Akhi?

1645- petaling jaya

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